A Traditional Practical Blend of Martial Arts

Learn from one of the best group martial arts instructors in the Cumming area who are dedicated to providing a stable, family environment where you can excel in your personal goals and find a varied and supportive community. Whether you plan to compete, learn a new skill, meet new like-minded people or increase your day-to-day life activities, we will help you get there while having fun doing it! The benefits of our Martial Arts classes are endless. From confidence and self-esteem to discipline and empowerment, whether you’re enjoying our Kids Martial Arts classes or our Adult Martial Arts programs, you’ll start seeing improvement in mind, body, and spirit in only a few short classes. Request More Information Below!

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At Cumming Martial Arts, everything we do from top to bottom is geared towards the students’ development of high-quality techniques vs earning belts.

At Cumming Martial Arts’ kid’s classes are designed to impart valuable life skills to our students from self-defense and stranger danger, to confidence and goal-setting. The primary focus of our kid’s martial arts program is to develop fundamental techniques and create a solid foundation to build upon as they grow

A comprehensive Martial Arts and self-defense program built on respect, techniques from 4 major martial arts styles (defense from a standing position to the ground and getting back up and in control again), principles, philosophy, and character development. This is a “life training” program from white to black belt. Students compete in open and invitation tournaments.

Cumming Martial Arts’ curriculum, which is a blend of various martial arts, is designed to give you the best and most complete instruction possible. Each discipline contributes a unique aspect to your training, making you a well rounded martial artist.

What people are saying

This is one of the best dojos in Georgia, the instructor really cares about his students and demonstrates techniques at all levels. The kids have fun, and most important learn life skills that will take them to leadership positions in the future. I would recommend cumming martial arts to anyone I know

Nory Lugo-Capella

I taught Judo and self-defense for many years, and also have a black belt in Tae KwonDo. I am very impressed by what I see here. Sensei Evans is top notch in every regard!
Jon Crosby

I highly recommend CMA – they do it right!!!!! Emphasis is placed on perfecting the art rather than belt promotion. We did a great deal of research before selecting a place for our son to train & are confident we made the BEST decision!”

– Ally Ponte

We are so glad that we found this dojo. After looking for a martial arts school for our daughter to train at, this one is the best by far in the area (and probably in GA)!

The instructors really care about their students and not only teach them functional (and impressive) martial arts techniques, but also leadership & life skills that the kids will carry with them into the future.

Melissa Hwang Crane

Amazing instructors, great positive environment. I’ve been longing for a Dojo that taught in a traditional way and I’ve found it. The training and techniques are the real deal you won’t find any fluff here. This is true Dojo I recommend it for anyone looking to learn self-defense get in shape or just looking for a fun positive people to be around.

-Joshua Mills

Master Ian Evans … I know I’m tardy with this posting but I would like to say that it was an honor and a privilege to share the floor with you and exchange techniques!

-Thant Coleman 


Tel (770) 781-0059


5890 Bethelview Road Cumming GA 30040
The sign reads “KARATE  Self Defense

1/2 mile from exit 13 on GA 400