Tiny Tigers Program

3 – 6 yrs

They are young and full of fun, but they will kick you! The Tiny Tigers all have a goal and that is to  “Learn Self Control” This program is designed to help introduce the martial arts at a young age. Due to the energy of our students, we only allow a limited number of students on the mat at one time.

Young Dragons

7-12 yrs

The young dragons program is our comprehensive Martial Arts program that begins by building a foundation of respect, techniques, principles, philosophy and character development. We hone skills such as leadership, respect, confidence, first time listening, improved grades, discipline, focus and much more. This program should not be looked upon as an extracurricular activity but rather as a life training program.

Teens & Adults

Our Yondo Jiu Jitsu program combines the key strengths of 4 major martial art styles to provide physical fitness, self-discipline, self-control and practical self-defense including defense from a standing position and from a ground position to get back up and get in control of threatening situations. We build family-like relationships of respect while training in this dojo.